Reasons To Buy in Turks and Caicos

#1 Great Design

Latitude 22 villas are among the most beautiful and striking in all of the islands. That’s because our villa designs seamlessly combine a sophisticated, open-plan, indoor/outdoor aesthetic with usability, durability, and efficiency, all while deftly optimizing both their specific surroundings and the island living experience in general.


#2 Perfect Location

Located in one of TCI’s most sought-after areas (an exclusive, villa-only neighborhood once reserved for their personal use by TCI’s original jetsetting pioneers back in the 1970’s), your villa at Ridgeview (at some 70 feet above sea level) will offer panoramic views across the beautiful, unspoiled Babalua section of Grace Bay Beach, the lagoon of Princess Alexandra National (Marine) Park, and the majestic barrier reef beyond. This serene & elegant locality presents an ideal location for accessing pristine Babalua Beach, entertaining friends & family by the pool or dinner table, or for savoring warm sunsets and gentle tropical breezes – yet still within easy and convenient reach of all the island’s attractions.


#3 Premium Methods & Materials

All our villas employ professionally-engineered, state-of-the-art, structural designs and components (including triple-glazed UV- and hurricane-resistant glass and reinforced concrete), as well as energy-efficient utility systems, all designed to ensure your villa is super strong and energy-efficient as well as beautiful. A Tesla home energy system giving you modern advanced climate control from free sustainable power, is also available as an option.


#4 Substantial Tax Savings

When you buy a pre-construction L22 villa, you only pay government purchase tax (called “stamp duty” in TCI) on the value of the land, rather than the value of the finished villa. At Ridgeview this means a direct saving to you of more than $100,000.


#5 Stagered Payments

When you purchase pre-construction from us, you initially purchase just the land itself and then make payments for the villa only when construction progress milestones are met and formally certified. This not only helps you manage cash-flow, it also means that villa appreciation at possession is further leveraged.


#6 Our Process Minimizes Risk

We’ve take on board all the lessons learned in the early years of pre-construction projects to ensure that our creative process – and the suite of contractual documents that securely underpins it – ensures that all parties’ expectations are smoothly and efficiently met.


#7 Fun

We understand that creating your very own island villa is a major undertaking. However, at L22 we genuinely believe that the PROCESS of creating it can (and should) be part of the joy of owning it. Buying an L22 villa is not just a transaction; it’s also a unique opportunity to join with kindred spirits in an exhilarating and joyful process of creation.


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