Why TCI?

TCI is beautiful by nature and beautiful by design.

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When we decided to move our development company to the Caribbean, we chose the Turks & Caicos Islands for much the same reason we chose the Islands to buy our own vacation homes some two decades ago.

Since that time, TCI has only become a more attractive choice to vacation, live and/or invest in real estate (or, as many have concluded, to do all of the above).

With all due respect, then, to our Caribbean neighbors, it remains our view that the Turks & Caicos takes the ribbon because it:

  • Is easily accessible, with direct flights from many cities in the US, Canada, and Europe
  • As a British Overseas Territory, has a legal system based on English Common Law and a stable, democratically-elected local government and trustworthy financial system
  • It’s closely tied economically to the US, with the US Dollar as its currency
  • Has a relatively high GDP & one of the lowest crime rates in the region
  • Has no taxes for land/asset-holding, corporate profit, capital gains, or inheritance
  • Has a straightforward process for villa buyers to obtain permanent residency

Current Projects

Karaya Blue: Pavilion

Karaya Blue: Sea Glass


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